Calcutta Kids is pleased to be partnering with some excellent organizations in areas of donor relations, public health expertise, and volunteer connections. Read more about each partnership below.

CINI: The Child In Need Institute is an award-winning NGO operating primarily in West Bengal and Jharkhand. Working with mothers and children in Kolkata, the CINI team has been a helpful partner for Calcutta Kids. Their model has recently changed to a community-centered approach to improve health and malnutrition. Calcutta Kids and CINI share expertise and best practices working in Kolkata’s communities, striving to improve the health outcomes of some of the neediest women and children in India.

AIF: The American Indian Foundation (AIF) has partnered with Calcutta Kids through the placement of fellows from the AIF William J. Clinton Fellowship for Service. Fellows serve at Calcutta Kids for a period of ten months and are fully-integrated into the team.

ICDDR,B: The ICDDR,B, located in Bangladesh, is the world’s premiere authority in diarrhea treatment. Calcutta Kids’ Diarrhea Treatment Center, and the use of ORS for diarrhea treatment was largely designed and based on the model, expertise and advice of experts from the ICDDR,B.

Jolkona: Calcutta Kids is partnering with Jolkona, an online donation platform that allows our supporters to set up campaigns and easily donate to various projects related to the work of Calcutta Kids. Jolkona has worked to make its system work well with Calcutta Kids’ fundraising needs.

“The Skolnik Internship”: Richard Skolnik has played important roles in global health for the past 25 years, serving as the former Director for Health and Education for the South Asia Region at The World Bank and Vice President for International Programs at the Population Reference Bureau. He is currently a Lecturer in Global Health at The George Washington University, where each year he recommends students to Calcutta Kids for internships. Interns gain hands-on public health experience working as a member of the Calcutta Kids team. The internship is not officially affiliated with The George Washington University.

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