Jon Rohde – Professor of Public Health,
James P Grant School of Public Health, BRAC University, Dhaka
(former Representative of Unicef in India and advisor to James P Grant, Executive Director of Unicef)

“The world of development is so dominated by large agencies that the deep human understanding consequent to a personal involvement with the lives of the poor is a rarity. Calcutta Kids is a notable exception, enabling that special insight and compassion that comes only from shared poverty and discovery of human dignity in its midst. All of us who think we work for the poor should spend time each year reacquainting ourselves with the realities of the lives we hope to improve by being an active participant in Calcutta Kids.”


Susan Stamberg
National Public Radio

Calcutta Kids is attempting to perform ordinary miracles on the streets of one of India’s poorest cities. Zeroing in on the needs of children, helping them obtain the most basic healthcare as well as help for complicated conditions, this is the mission of Calcutta Kids. Their goals are not only admirable. They are achievable. And, most important, being achieved every day, thanks to the hard work and determination of this visionary group.


Salehuddin Ahmed
Pro-Vice Chancellor, BRAC University, Bangladesh

“Calcutta Kids is a wonderful initiative. The poor children of Kolkata will be immensely benefited. The biggest challenge now is to sustain this effort. The world should come forward to support this meaningful endeavor and make it available to larger number of children. Wish you good luck.”


Anna Herforth Ph.D.
Nutrition Consultant, World Bank, FAO

“How often do you get to contribute to something that you KNOW is really well-run with all the right technical knowledge, implementation and spirit! Calcutta Kids is the most impressive organization I know to reduce malnutrition where it’s really needed. Another thing I like about Calcutta Kids is not just the documented results that bear out their impact, but that the intangible element of reaching people in a respectful, empowering, genuine way is guaranteed. No holy angels flying down to touch the unclean.”


Andee Krasner
Project Coordinator, JSI Research and Training Institute, Inc

Calcutta Kids is important to me because I recently became a mother. When I had my daughter I had access to the best medical care in the world. As I recovered in comfortable bed with 24-hour nursing assistance, I could not help thinking about the other women in the world who gave birth without such luxuries, and often without basic necessities. I wished they could all have the type of care I was receiving and that their children would have access to same care that my little girl did. Calcutta Kids makes a step towards realizing that wish–it does so by considering the mothers’ and babies’ needs before, during and after birth.

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