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Dear Friends of Calcutta Kids,

Since Calcutta Kids’ inception, a dream and long-term goal has been for the organization to be locally owned and operated. Too often, we have seen organizations founded by an individual who personifies the organization to such a degree that when, for whatever reason, the founder leaves the organization, the organization deteriorates or even shuts down operation. The process of such personification may not be intentional, but counteracting the negative ramifications of such, must be intentional.

We have worked hard to build sustainable systems which are based on the values of the Calcutta Kids team and the community with which we work. And indeed, part of the reason that we took a leave of absence from the Calcutta Kids ground operations to pursue further graduate studies, was to follow the aforementioned dream and long-term goal; to put into the action the goal of local Indian ownership and operation. We couldn’t be more pleased with what we witness regularly through skype calls and four person-trips to India each year. Just as the roles of our health workers are changing (see “Growth from Within” p. 13) our roles have changed from that of daily operational involvement and leadership to technical advising and fundraising.

This 2015 annual report is an invitation to the larger Calcutta Kids community to learn about 1) the Calcutta Kids accomplishments of 2015; and 2) Calcutta Kids’ plans for 2016 under local Indian leadership. Along with numerical data to show outputs and impact, we use the voices of the Calcutta Kids team to review the year 2015, and then speak of five areas of focus for the year 2016. The review speaks to the continued concentration on human resources development through ongoing education and training, focused attention on families at high risk, and an organization committed to being a positive working environment. And in next years’ report we will provide updates on the five areas of focus for 2016.

We are appreciative of three dear friends who helped with to create this annual report: First, Calcutta Kids’ 2011-2012 American India Foundation Fellowship partner, Margy Elliott, who continues to volunteer her time with Calcutta Kids and helped to create this annual report; and both Yvan Cohen and Brett Cole, who continues to photographically document Calcutta Kids and whose beautiful photos are used throughout this report

We remain grateful and indebted to you, the Friends and Family of Calcutta Kids who continue to make this important work possible. Thank you for the many ways in which you support Calcutta Kids.

In admiration of our colleagues in India and with thanks to those who support the work of Calcutta Kids,

Noah Levinson and Evangeline Ambat
Co-Directors, Calcutta Kids

Note: As the ground operation work takes place in India, throughout this report we use “2015” to mean the financial year April 1st 2015 to March 31st 2016. However, the financial data for Calcutta Kids Inc – the US fundraising body (page 15)– presents data from Jan 1st 2015-Dec 31st 2015.

Download full annual report here 

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