Other Ways to Help

Have you already donated and want to do more? Or are you unable to donate and want to help in another way? Here are some suggestions for ways to help.

Host a Fundraiser

Milena Kotys and Noah at a fundraiser for the Wasyl Kotys Memorial Fund hosted by the Akhoury family.

Individual fundraisers are a great way for people to learn about Calcutta Kids. Our fundraisers have ranged from small and intimate dinners to large gatherings with a central theme such as a wine tasting or Indian art. Mira, the volunteer coordinator for our fundraisers in the US, is happy to work with the hosts on everything from the size or theme of the fundraiser, to invitations or tickets, to the elements and timings for the event. When the fundraiser can guarantee at least $5000 for Calcutta Kids, Noah personally attends the fundraisers to give inspirational talks about our work from an on-the-ground perspective. If you are interested in hosting/organizing a fundraiser or for more information, contact Noah at noah@calcuttakids.org and he will introduce you to Mira.

Write an Article in Your Local Paper

Share your perspective on the great work happening at Calcutta Kids with your community through an article in your local paper. Click here to see past articles.

Tell Your Friends and Family About Calcutta Kids

Word of mouth is a great way to get others involved with Calcutta Kids. If you’d like, you can pass on our latest newsletter, or invite them to find us on Facebook. Click here for more details.

Specific Things We Need

– Sponsor Calcutta Kids Swastha Kendra, our new health center – Contribute documentary or video editing services – Donate laptops that can run Microsoft Office programs – Provide legal assistance in India – If you have another specific skill, please contact us to see if we can use your help (e.g. artist Rebecca Miller came to do caricatures in our community. Read about that here)

If any of these opportunities interest you, please contact us at info@calcuttakids.org