Swastha Kendra (Health Center)


Calcutta Kids Swastha Kendra provides access to free health care for pregnant women, mothers, and young children in the slum. Run by a female doctor, nurse, and social health workers, the center follows the World Health Organization’s protocol for maternal health and the Integrated Management of Neonatal and Child Illness. Patients receive a medical consultation from the doctor and prescribed medications, along with counseling, all given at no cost. Health workers are present to provide counseling to the patient on how to take the medicine, possible side effects, and the importance of finishing the prescribed medicine. Within 3 days, a health worker follows up with a home visit to ensure the patient is recovering.

Swastha Kendra is important not only because it provides access to medical services within a familiar and comfortable environment, but also because it further exposes Fakir Bagan residents to Calcutta Kids and its activities. It provides a sense of security to families, assuring them that these services will be available each week, and underlines the commitment of Calcutta Kids to the people of Fakir Bagan.

Health Camp (Former Program)

The Calcutta Kids weekly health camp served a number of purposes relating to the MYCHI. Held for a number of years as a mobile outpatient clinic in a space provided by the Welfare Society of Fakir Bagan, the health camp then moved to the Calcutta Kids Diarrhea Treatment Center. At each health camp, the Calcutta Kids’ doctor assessed approximately 50-55 patients, community health workers provided counseling, patients received free medication, and health workers did a follow-up within three days of the camp.

After converting the Diarrhea Treatment Center into the Swastha Kendra clinic, and implementing WHO protocols, it made the most sense to open the clinic to the community every day of the week, rather than simply for a health camp on Tuesdays.

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