Immunization helps avert an estimated 2.5 million child deaths each year as well as millions more bouts of illness and disability.* In India, less than half (43.5%) of children under five are not completely immunized (39.9% for the urban poor).* Immunization is considered the most effective preventive health measure to protect a child’s life.

Calcutta Kids holds a weekly Immunization Camps on Fridays for children in Fakir Bagan. Every Friday, about 50-55 children come, each receiving 2-3 of their scheduled vaccines. We are committed to ensure that every child in our catchment area is completely immunized. Calcutta Kids follows the WHO vaccination schedule detailed below:
Calcutta Kids Immunization ScheduleWhen Calcutta Kids first began tracking immunizations, a CK health worker recorded the name of each child and the immunization he or she received in a notebook. It was very difficult to keep track of immunizations due on a regular basis and make sure that all children were receiving their immunizations on time. To improve our ability to track this important data, we developed a new database and designed a protocol to follow during each immunization session, including the recording of information directly into the database. Each week, we print out an accurate list of children that are due for immunizations. This list takes into account the age of each child and the previous immunization history to assure that no child is getting an immunization before they are due for it, that immunizations include all required doses, and that immunizations are given at the appropriate age for each child.

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