Maternal and Young Child Health Initiative (MYCHI)


The Maternal and Young Child Health Initiative (MYCHI) started in late 2005 to improve health knowledge and increase access to healthcare for pregnant women and young children living in the Fakir Bagan slum of Howrah, West Bengal.

There are four main objectives of MYCHI:

      • Reduce maternal morbidity and mortality
      • Reduce child morbidity and mortality
      • Improve birth weights
      • Ensure that children aged 0-3 years grow normally

To meet these four goals, Calcutta Kids’ MYCHI delivers preventive health measures at key points in the life cycle, notably pregnancy (intrauterine growth) and postpartum for a woman, and the critical developmental period of the first three years of life of a child. Calcutta Kids’ MYCHI is designed to assist and empower urban poor mothers to obtain optimal prenatal and post natal health for themselves and their children through intensive counseling, information dissemination, and access to health services.

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