Maternal Health


The Maternal Health Initiative has recently been revised to make the programs even more effective, to reflect changes in international guidelines, and to employ the lessons we have learned over the past 6 years. The maternal health initiative covers the pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum period.

Pregnancy Care Program

The pregnancy care program offers antenatal care checkups and health camp by the Calcutta Kids doctor and home visits by Calcutta Kids health workers, growth monitoring and promotion, community meetings, and delivery monitoring. Following delivery, mothers and babies are monitored closely through post natal home visits and post natal checkups with the CK doctor.

Program Components:

  • Antenatal Care Home Visits
  • Antenatal Care Doctor’s Visits & Health Camps
  • Growth Monitoring and Promotion
  • Optional ‘Delivery Savings Scheme’ (see below)
  • Community Meetings
  • Delivery Monitoring
  • Postnatal Care Home Visits
  • Postnatal Care Doctor’s Visits

The main objective of the pregnancy care program is to foster positive health outcomes for mothers and newborns in Fakir Bagan through a multifaceted approach.

The program provides antenatal care services by a skilled health practitioner for pregnant women through the maternal heath camp for routine ANC doctor’s visits and sick visits. Through home visits and community meetings with CK health workers, women are advised and counseled on a variety of topics including care during pregnancy, proper nutrition and health, risks and complications during pregnancy, breastfeeding and newborn care. Pre-existing diseases and conditions that affect pregnancy are detected and treated. Enrolled pregnant women are monitored for complications during pregnancy, and appropriate referral channels are utilized in case of complication. The Pregnancy Care Program ensures that women deliver in an institution by encouraging early registration at a health facility of their choice, giving clients an option to save money to pay for an institutional delivery, and giving women focused, one-on-one counseling about planning for delivery and birth preparedness.

Tetanus Toxoid Vaccination:  At least 2 TT shots (3 for first pregnancy)
Antenatal Care: At least 3-4 routine antenatal care check-ups with CK doctor
Antenatal Home Visits: Monthly antenatal care home visits with CK health workers
Community Meetings: Monthly meetings for pregnant women on pregnancy related topics
Pathological Tests:  Routine pathological tests as prescribed by CK doctor
Micronutrient supplements:  Vitamin supplements (folic acid, iron, calcium and multivitamins) as prescribed by CK doctor during pregnancy and lactation
Postnatal Care: At least 1 routine postnatal care visit with CK doctor
Postnatal Home Visits: At least 2 postnatal home visits with CK health worker within 24 hours of discharge and after 7-10 days

Delivery Savings

The Delivery Savings Scheme was established in early 2011 to provide a savings option for pregnant women (and their families) to provide financial incentive to ensure a facility delivery. A woman who enrolls in the Pregnancy Care Program with the gestational age of 0 to 6 months is entitled to avail the delivery savings scheme of CK. The delivery savings scheme enables women to save money in a safe place and to receive a matched amount from Calcutta Kids of up to 2,000 rupees. The delivery savings scheme ensures that women are able to have an institutional delivery and have enough money for delivery and postpartum expenses.

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