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Children’s Day in Fakir Bagan

November 14 was Children’s Day. To celebrate, the entire Calcutta Kids team came together with the community to have a parade through Fakir Bagan. It started with a nine-person band, which gathered mothers and children from around the community. Health workers had prepared balloons, noise makers, and health-promotion signs for the children. Starting from the edge of the community, a large group of women and children followed the band and shared in the message of a healthier community. The parade was followed by one of our health workers on a bicycle rickshaw, providing health information to the community through a loud speaker. The name “Calcutta Kids” was heard throughout the community, and many women and children joined in the parade as it looped through the narrow lanes of Fakir Bagan. After over an hour of energizing the community, health workers provided snacks and the great Children’s Day event was brought to a close. Bringing the community together to celebrate and inform on healthy choices made this year’s Children’s Day great for Fakir Bagan.

Caricatures of Mothers and Children

In early November, a friend of Calcutta Kids, Rebecca Miller, visited Fakir Bagan. She is a talented artist, and brought joy to the community by doing caricatures of mothers and children attending our monthly Growth Monitoring and Promotion (GMP). The community became very excited by her presence, and one man even drew a picture of her drawing pictures of others. The mothers, although somewhat shy, took their drawings to the community health workers and displayed them with smiling excitement. It is always nice when friends of Calcutta Kids come to share their talents with the community.