Witnessing the Growth of CK, Two Years Later

CK Staff at Opening of Community Center in January

As part of Calcutta Kids’ Richard Skolnik Internship Program, I spent the summer of 2010 creating a behavior change communication curriculum to combat diarrheal disease among children in Fakir Bagan. Almost two years later I have found myself back in the Calcutta Kids office once more, this time working to develop standardized training and counseling materials for our team of community health workers. Returning to Calcutta Kids has granted me the opportunity to witness first hand the incredible organizational growth that has taken place since my first internship. Here are some of the biggest changes I’ve observed:

– The Diarrhea Treatment Center has transitioned into an Integrated Management of Neonatal and Childhood Illness (IMNCI) Clinic: During the summer of 2010, the diarrhea treatment center was entering its first phase of construction. Two years later, construction has been completed and the DTC has now become Swastha Kendra (health center), with an expanded role as an IMNCI clinic in order to increase the range of services we can offer to our beneficiaries.

– The opening of the new community center: Calcutta Kids has opened a new community center, Maa O Shishu Siksha Kendra. Since its opening, Maa O Shishu Siksha Kendra has hosted community meetings, mother support groups and the monthly Growth Monitoring and Promotion program.

– A much larger staff: In order to support its organizational growth, a number of new staff have been welcomed into the Calcutta Kids family. Employee additions have occurred at all levels, from leadership, to community health and social health workers, to support staff. I have enjoyed working with a number of new faces, however, was very excited to return to a majority of the same colleagues I worked with during my first internship. High staff retention is indicative of the strong commitment Calcutta Kids employees have to the organization’s mission and its beneficiaries.

Although my second internship will shortly be coming to an end, I know it won’t be my last time working with Calcutta Kids. I eagerly await returning in the future to marvel once more about the organization’s impressive growth. – Lisa Hendrickson

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